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IBM i Change Data Capture implemented in Informatica Power Center workfow. Featured

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The wf_i5OS_CDC workflow demonstrates how to use “i5/OS Data queue & CDC connector” to build replication solution which reads changes from a transaction journal (change data capture). The workflow reads changes from tables on as/400 (iSeries) machine. The changes collected from transaction journal are applied to tables in relational database. Target database can be any database supported by Power Center.



  • The workflow can be run in a few instances. For each instance data queue name is calculated based on instance name. Data queue name uniquely identifies replication process. Replication process is defined by data queue name, the workflow instance name and journal object name. Journal object entries are read by change data capture process. The process stores entries to the data queue. The queue is read by the workflow instance.In case of system crush workflow recovery is automatic. Just start workflow advanced and recovery is done if required.
  • The workflow stops replication process if RG entry is discovered for one of replicated tables. RG entry means that a source table relative record numbers (RRN) are likely changed. Therefore, full refresh of the table is required.
  • Table level operations can be serviced. In the workflow example CR journal entry on a table implicates truncate operation on the related target table.
  • Any transformation between source and target table columns can be executed as this is feature of Informatica Power Center.
  • Filter transformation can be used to replicate rows which follows given rules.


 Workflow descritpion



"Initial Parameters" task defines expressions which calculate initial parameters. The parameters depend on the workflow instance name.

"Calculate Parameters" task does calculations based on initial parameters.

"s_CDC_RestartPoint" session sets proper restart point.

"s_CDC_ExcSQLStmt" session executes sql statement on one of target tables according to transaction journal entry.

"s_CDC_Replication_from_i5OS" replication session.

"s_CDC_ENDED_OK" session sets indicator of workflow successful end.


 Follow tha url to see CDC Mapping Description.



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