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AS/400 DATA QUEUE & CDC connector for Informatica PowerCenter has been improved.

  • It can survive TCP connection loss. But what is most exciting, you can sleep well while tables structure is being changed.
  • You can even define and start replication of a table which is to be created in the future. When the table is created replication starts as defined.
  • As/400 can have FIFO or LIFO tables with no unique keys. So most of replication solution are useless. The connector allows you to solve the problem.
  • The CDC can be used to replicate data with RRN as a replication key.
  • AS/400 component of the connector has been optimised.
  • Included sample replication solution based on as/400 journal. The sample replicates data from as/400 to any relational database which is supported by Informatica PowerCenter. It is recommended, to run the solution on PowerCenter 9.0.1 or above as "Time Base Commit" is required. 

What is new in version v1m2r3_20140104

  • Journal searching improved.
  • Internal journal receivers are automatically managed. 

What is new in version v1m2r3_20140331

  • Bin2Fld custom transformation is improved.

What is new in version v1m2r3_20140413

  • Target exception handling is improved. 

What is new in version v1m2r3_20140416

  • Journal processing improved. 

What is new in version v1m2r3_20140803

  • data queue journaling is not required.
  • endjrnobj for data queue used in replication process - preformance improvement on as/400 site.

What is new in version v1m2r3_20141108

  • Due to IBM error in an official manual, E2DBGBL program randomly failed with decimal error.
  • Program E2DBBLOCK was modified to  work when Os/400 behaves according to manual and with current discrepancies.

What is new in version v1m2r3_20141225

  • Performance improvement.

What is new in version v1m2r3_20150112

  • Minor errors corrected.

What is new in version v1m2r3_20150406

  • Minor errors corrected.

What is new in version v1m2r3_20151125

  • Performance improvement.
  • After bin2Fld java custom transformation a filter must be placed in a mapping. Allow only code 'R' entries to reach target. In addition, null field values must be filtered in case it is not possible to retrieve table structure for collected journal code 'R' entry. The situation may occur when reading journal entries for a table starts after a create or an alter and before second create or alter of the table. In the case, reading current table structure is not appropriate and adequate create or alter entries are not available from our journal. To read all entries it is necessary to start reading journal from previous CR or CHG entry for the table. However in most cases only last state of replicated table is important. Thus, filtering null values and code 'R' entries is the only measure required to apply.  

What is new in version v1m2r3_20160103

  • QBATCH jobq is not required to be on library list. Instead OS/400 (iSeries, IBM i) administrator can define subsystem and jobq by defining job queue in job description. How it can be achieved? When PowerCenter starts CDC process new job called <DATA QUEUE NAME> is submitted on AS/400. The  job reads journal data and forwards to PowerCenter. The job is submitted on a user profile which owns RESTART program. Setting jobd attribute (job description) for the owner profile allows to choose job description object. Finally, setting jobq attribute of  the job description allows to define job queue. This in turn, leads to subystem. Job queue is assigned to subsystem by ADDJOBQE.   
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