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The Data Queue & CDC Connector for i5/OS is a real time connector. Below I present Change Data Capture solution for i5/OS(AS/400) which does not stop in case of table structure alteration as table structures are discovered in real time.  

  • v1m2r2 version of the connector is featured with:
    • change data capture for i5/OS. It means Power Center can read online changes from i5/OS (as/400) database.
    • data queue connector for keyed, FIFO and LIFO data queue.
    • the connector is used to develop replication worflows.


Version v1m2r3




Known issues:

  • Enable "High Precision" option - must be set at session level.

  • In the bin2Fld transformation, which converts binary record representation to PowerCenter ports use system field names. Alternate field name is not recognised.
  • Journal must be created with:
    • option RCVSIZOPT set to *MAXOPTION1 or *MAXOPTION2 
    • option MINENTDTA set to *NONE
    • option DLTRCV set to *NO
  • Following options must not be set:
    •  option RCVSIZOPT to *MINFIXLEN, *MAXOPT3 


Any remarks are appreciated.

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