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AS/400 DATA QUEUE & CDC connector for Informatica PowerCenter has been improved.

  • It can survive TCP connection loss. But what is most exciting, you can sleep well while tables structure is being changed.
  • You can even define and start replication of a table which is to be created in the future. When the table is created replication starts as defined.
  • As/400 can have FIFO or LIFO tables with no unique keys. So most of replication solution are useless. The connector allows you to solve the problem.
  • The CDC can be used to replicate data with RRN as a replication key.
  • AS/400 component of the connector has been optimised.
  • Included sample replication solution based on as/400 journal. The sample replicates data from as/400 to any relational database which is supported by Informatica PowerCenter. It is recommended, to run the solution on PowerCenter 9.0.1 or above as "Time Base Commit" is required. 

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