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i5/OS Integration

The most complicated and significant session in change data capture (CDC) is the one responsible for transforming transaction journal entries in to database rows. In our solution, the role is taken by s_CDC_Replication_from_i5OS replication session session. 

 Mapping for session transforming journal entries into database rows

 Please notice, Entry Specific Data is transformed (red line) into database row represented by ESD field/port in the target transformation named TargetDatabase. In any database a row must belong to a table. In our case, TargetDatabase transformation must know to which table processed row belongs. The data are encapsulated in EntrySpecificData field and passed to ESD field. Therefore, an addition of new table does not require changes to presented mapping.

The same is true, when a table structure is changed. The solution is possible due to new "Generic Target" connector for Informatica® Power Center.

 The presented solution, allows to build real time mapping in minutes, where the task does not depend on number of tables to be replicated. At the moment, the solution does not create new tables in target database but it is intended to do so.

I can help you remotely wherever you are. I am ready to make my solution better and solve your issues with change data capture from IBM i (as400, i5/OS, iSeries) . My email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

The wf_i5OS_CDC workflow demonstrates how to use “i5/OS Data queue & CDC connector” to build replication solution which reads changes from a transaction journal (change data capture). The workflow reads changes from tables on as/400 (iSeries) machine. The changes collected from transaction journal are applied to tables in relational database. Target database can be any database supported by Power Center.


The Data Queue & CDC Connector for i5/OS is a real time connector. Below I present Change Data Capture solution for i5/OS(AS/400) which does not stop in case of table structure alteration as table structures are discovered in real time.  

  • v1m2r2 version of the connector is featured with:
    • change data capture for i5/OS. It means Power Center can read online changes from i5/OS (as/400) database.
    • data queue connector for keyed, FIFO and LIFO data queue.
    • the connector is used to develop replication worflows.