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Informatica extensions for IBM MQ Series

Informatica extensions for IBM MQ Series (1)

Informatica extensions for IBM MQ Series. Plugins, java transformation, mappings.

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The wf_i5OS_CDC workflow demonstrates how to use “i5/OS Data queue & CDC connector” to build replication solution which reads changes from a transaction journal (change data capture). The workflow reads changes from tables on as/400 (iSeries) machine. The changes collected from transaction journal are applied to tables in relational database. Target database can be any database supported by Power Center.


The Data Queue & CDC Connector for i5/OS is a real time connector. Below I present Change Data Capture solution for i5/OS(AS/400) which does not stop in case of table structure alteration as table structures are discovered in real time.  

  • v1m2r2 version of the connector is featured with:
    • change data capture for i5/OS. It means Power Center can read online changes from i5/OS (as/400) database.
    • data queue connector for keyed, FIFO and LIFO data queue.
    • the connector is used to develop replication worflows.

It is common to use the shell command redirection in PowerCenter. The feature allows one to use the ldapmodify command to load data to LDAP. To achieve this it is necessary to create an LDIF flat file. Some data in the file must be in UTF-8 code page and Base64 encoded.


PowerExchange for Websphere MQ returns RFH2 message in binary format. Convert the RFH2 message in binary format to something readable by mapping transformations.



These tools enable one to develop mapping, which reads requests through the “PowerExchange for Websphere MQ” connector and sends replies, if required to temporary, dynamic queues. Messages are exchanged in RFH2 format, which is compliant with JMS. Source queues and queue managers are defined by PowerExchange for MQ connector. Target queues and queue managers are dynamically calculated in the mapping.