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In a well known financial institution was developed workflow with 47 concurrently running sessions. Each session was populating one table by doing table copy between source and target. The purpose of the workflow was to make full target refresh, which is usually required before incremental replication. As full refresh is a very rare operation, the workflow had not been run for months. One day, the workflow was going to be used. As there was no modification to the workflow, no one expected any errors.

Our workflow was ended with following error:


[Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-33312 xxxxxxxxx:42915 : Partially completed network transmission timed out after 1322 seconds (bytes completed: 72484 mode: R)

Database driver error...

Function Name : Fetch

SQL Stmt : …..

PowerExchange (PWX) can be configured to capture changes from journal located on as/400. In the case I am writing, it was necessary to change just journal and tables library from which data were to be read. Let's say old library was named OLDLIB and new library was named NEWLIB. Data library that is library with CFG file was named DATALIB. Mention above configuration change can achieved by following update


replace(CCTDTA ,'"OLDLIB.','"NEWLIB.')

There is additional condition. Length of CCTDTA must be the same before and after update.


The above update is not mentioned in any manual I am aware of. Additionally, there are two locations where journal name and library is configured and it must be updated to new value:

  • dbmover member in cfg file.
  • Condense configuration in condense library.

Licence of Informatica PowerExchange for i5/OS (as/400) is defined using i5/OS machine IP address. 

After domain name change, PowerExchange did not start. In the PWX log was pointed out that licence key is not correct.


Problem was solved by adding full host name (with domain name) to the host table.  

All terms used in the article are explained in “PowerExchange for LDAP User Guide”.

The example shows how to send rows to a LDAP target where the Parent_Group represents the DN which is to be changed.

PowerExchange on the as/400 site runs job DTLLST3. Since version 9.0.0 two threads are executed under the job. This makes the job multithreaded. In a multithreaded job, some os/400 functions, called "not thread safe", end with escape exception.