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Code Page rules in Informatica.

Informatica PowerExchange can integrate PowerCenter with i5/OS. PWX listener job which runs on I5/OS (as/400, iseries) takes part in code page conversion. Setting CCSID for the job equal to 65535 causes peculiar errors. It is due to lack of the code page conversion when there is no interaction witch physical files. For instance, following sql sentence written in Source Qualifier SQL Overide


select  'something'  from existingtable


returns to PowerCenter string 'something' but as HEX representation of the string being in EBCDIC code page. It means we receive not 9 chatacters but 18. Therefore, we can have erros informing about field to long while reading data or confusing, unexpected string of characters (for instance HEX string).


The soluting is setting code page other then 65535. Of cource the code page should be compatible with data read from the i5/OS machine.    

In some cases, we seems to experience code page issue. Once, I had to run PowerCenter workflow which read data from db2 database to a flat file.  The problem was with vargraphic field defined as nstring in source qualifier. Changing nstring type to string solved the problem. Nstring and string are treated differently by Integration Service.

This article is written based on Power Center 9.0.0. But it seems to apply to other versions as well. Let's assume that one needs to write a BASE64 encoded string to a flat file.

This is article available through URL:


Written by Vikram Das.

 UTF8 and AL32UTF8 are encodings of the Unicode character set and include all the characters in all modern languages. UTF8 and AL32UTF8 allow Oracle Applications to be run from one database instance using any combination of supported languages. The advantage of AL32UTF8 over UTF8 is in the handling of supplementary characters, which are increasingly used in certain languages. AL16UTF16 is the current default database character set for Oracle databases 10g and 11g and Oracle E-Business Suite R12.

Code Page configuration in Informatica™ PowerCenter is quite complex. Below note can be useful but not sufficient to setup PowerCenter Code Page.

Data locations and where the code page is set: