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Flat Files rules

Flat Files rules (5)

Flat file category contains all, important, rulles about flat files in informatica.

The attached PDF describes how to avoid certain errors while reading from an excel file, in particular: To few parameters. Expected XXX.

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PowerCenter flat file target can be configured to redirect output to shell command standard input instead of a flat file.

This technique can be used to:

In the article is mentioned issue of end of line character in source fixed length files. 

Every row in a fixed-length file must have the same length. At the and of row can be:

  1. no end of line characters;
  2. lf - line feed character;
  3. cr + lf - carriage return and line feed characters;

If you use any text editor to create the file, it is going to add end of line characters.

The "Power Center Designer Guide" features

Chapter 5: Mappings

The "Creating Target Files by Transaction" section conveniently describes how to dynamically create flat files with names evaluated in the mapping.

The following is an excerpt from the Informatica "Designer Guide", "Working with Flat Files" manual:

"(...) Fixed-width flat files are byte-oriented, which means that the field lengths are measured in bytes. They can also be line sequential, which means each row ends with a newline character. You can import a fixed-width file that does not contain binary data or multibyte character data greater than two bytes per character. (...)"