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Change Data Capture from IBM i to PowerCenter. The BIG Picture. Featured

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The reason for building my "IBM i" Change Data Capture solution for Informatica® PowerCenter is to grab complete stream of "IBM i" database changes and process them with great power of Informatica® PowerCenter. 

Let me present, what can be done with the "IBM i" Change Data Capture for Informatica® PowerCenter solution.


  1. IBM i contains your crucial database with great number of large tables. You would like to have copy of those tables in a database build by different vendor let say Microsoft®. But copy of those tables takes several hours. You want them to be always up-to-date. We can setup change data capture solution in a few hours for hundreds of tables.  
  2. You would like to gather data for your AI solution. Unfortunately Slowly Changing Dimension is not so appropriate. You would like to analyze changes not for different days, months, years by for seconds or even to subsequent changes which were applied to your database.  Building known Warehouse solutions one must always loose some information and you decide which before warehouse is setup.   Our solution  let you keep all information as long as you need them. Query them as one do it in source database. Compare any states of source database. After analises, you can decide that some states are not important, than define a query which shows important states and the tool removes not important states. 
  3. You would like to start some processes when an important business event has occurred. Just define logical condition which defines when your event has occurred. As you can keep current and old database states, your event condition can be built using all database states that ever happened.


CDC Features


As you see, CDC is not enough. We need additional functionalities to mainan source and targets in consistent states.

  1. MONITCDC, to be informed that something is wrong (the file system is full) .  
  2. wf_CDC_DATETIME_CHK, when we would like to compare source and target tables on column level to make sure we have all data  replicated.
  3. wf_CDC_FULL_REFRESH, for new tables we have to do FULL REFRESH.
  4. wf_CDC_Synchr_Diff, in some cases, we need to load just differences between source and target tables.
  5. wf_i5OS_CDC, always running, change data capture. 

All five workflows are oriented on multi table operations. Thus, adding tables, changing structure does not required to do any changes to Workflows or Mappings.

My LinkedIn profile is open. So feel free to send me and email if you have any questions. Cezary Opacki LinkedIn profile


Change data Capture workflow is described hier

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