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[Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-33312 Partially completed network transmission

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In a well known financial institution was developed workflow with 47 concurrently running sessions. Each session was populating one table by doing table copy between source and target. The purpose of the workflow was to make full target refresh, which is usually required before incremental replication. As full refresh is a very rare operation, the workflow had not been run for months. One day, the workflow was going to be used. As there was no modification to the workflow, no one expected any errors.

Our workflow was ended with following error:


[Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-33312 xxxxxxxxx:42915 : Partially completed network transmission timed out after 1322 seconds (bytes completed: 72484 mode: R)

Database driver error...

Function Name : Fetch

SQL Stmt : …..


Every run, a few sessions failed with following error. It could be caused by poor quality network. But no other application had generated such errors.

                As it happens in big organizations, many project do system changes in parallel. One of project responsible for security has installed new FW to increase security of our applications. The FW had feature called Traffic Inspection. The feature did not like our Power Exchange (PWX) network traffic .

PWX network traffic involves large number of ACK which was block by FW Traffic Inspection. Thus, PWX had behaved like in poor network quality environment and failed with Partially completed network transmission error



So, the error was caused by blocking ACK by Firewall Traffic Inspection feature.


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