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How to change journal used by PWX CDC on As/400

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PowerExchange (PWX) can be configured to capture changes from journal located on as/400. In the case I am writing, it was necessary to change just journal and tables library from which data were to be read. Let's say old library was named OLDLIB and new library was named NEWLIB. Data library that is library with CFG file was named DATALIB. Mention above configuration change can achieved by following update


replace(CCTDTA ,'"OLDLIB.','"NEWLIB.')

There is additional condition. Length of CCTDTA must be the same before and after update.


The above update is not mentioned in any manual I am aware of. Additionally, there are two locations where journal name and library is configured and it must be updated to new value:

  • dbmover member in cfg file.
  • Condense configuration in condense library.
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