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MQToys - MQ Integration Transformations with dynamic target queues and queue managers

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PowerExchange for Websphere MQ returns RFH2 message in binary format. Convert the RFH2 message in binary format to something readable by mapping transformations.



These tools enable one to develop mapping, which reads requests through the “PowerExchange for Websphere MQ” connector and sends replies, if required to temporary, dynamic queues. Messages are exchanged in RFH2 format, which is compliant with JMS. Source queues and queue managers are defined by PowerExchange for MQ connector. Target queues and queue managers are dynamically calculated in the mapping.   



 MQ Toys v1.1 main features:

  • Sending message to queue created on a different queue manager  then connection queue manager.  
  • Sending RFH2 and JMS compliant datagram;
  • Sending RFH2 and JMS compliant request and waiting for reply;
  • Sending RFH2 and JMS compliant reply to the request.
  • Target queue and queue manager is calculated by mapping dynamically, so that it is possible to send a reply to a temporary, dynamic queue received in an incoming request message descriptor.
  • All RFH2 header fields are available in the mapping.
  • Convertion of binary data type, like returned by PowerExchange MQ connector, to data type useable in a mapping.  


  • PowerCenter: tested under 9.x.
  • Integration Service host OS: tested under Linux, Windows. 
  • Websphere MQ version: tested under version 6.x, 7.x 
  • PowerExchange for Websphere MQ: required for reading messages from queue in real time.


User manual  download press button:



Solution for every PowerCenter and Websphere MQ version can be delivered.


To download MQ Toys version 1.1 (Supports Websphere MQ 6.0 and above) press button:




Do you lack of some features in PowerExchange for Websphere MQ? Have you ever issues with code page conversion? Your application unexpectedly stops reading messages? Use the set of “Java Transformations” which extend the features of “PowerExchange for Websphere MQ”.





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