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Default Data Conversion in MQ Series

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It is worth to notice a paragraph in the MQ Series configuration file located in folder <MQ Series Installation folder>\conv\table\ccsid.tbl

It is said as follows:


# You can define default conversion CCSIDs which will be used to convert
# between ASCII or similar and EBCDIC CCSIDs if no conversion is supported
# between two CCSIDs. If enabled, the default conversion is used for
# transmission and message headers and can also be enabled in user data
# conversion. For more information see the System Administration book.
# Default conversions are enabled by creating two lines similar to the
# two following, but removing the # character which indicates a comment.
#default       0      500     1     1    0
#default       0      850     1     2    0
# The first line sets the default for EBCDIC CCSIDs to 500
# and the second sets the default for ASCII and similar CCSIDs to 850


Application connected to message queue manager reads messages trough Message Queue Interface (MQI). The MQI API can converts message from current code page (usually ) to code page expected by application. In case of not supported conversion, like conversion from 1250 (Windows Latin-2) to 819 code page (ASCII Latin-1 ), no conversion is done and error is generated. Command server does not work. Removing "#" character placed before "dafault" strings allows to solve the problem.   

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