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Websphere MQ 6.x to 7.x migration. Java base MQ issues.

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Migrating java transformation from MQ 6.x to MQ 7.0 requires some changes in the java code. Selected ones are listed below:

 1. In MQ 6.x is MQC class. In MQ 7.x is replaced by MQConstants class.

2. Name property of MQQueue class is replaced by method getName()

3. When JMS message is received by base MQ, MQ API strips the RFH2 header and returns message part, which follows. To recover behavior from previous version it is required to set GMO (get message options) to MQConstants.MQGMO_PROPERTIES_FORCE_MQRFH2.

Consider please using "MQ Toys" to cope with RFH2 headers in Websphere MQ. This is set of java transformation to use with Informatica PowerCenter.


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