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The most complicated and significant session in change data capture (CDC) is the one responsible for transforming transaction journal entries in to database rows. In our solution, the role is taken by s_CDC_Replication_from_i5OS replication session session. 

 Mapping for session transforming journal entries into database rows

 Please notice, Entry Specific Data is transformed (red line) into database row represented by ESD field/port in the target transformation named TargetDatabase. In any database a row must belong to a table. In our case, TargetDatabase transformation must know to which table processed row belongs. The data are encapsulated in EntrySpecificData field and passed to ESD field. Therefore, an addition of new table does not require changes to presented mapping.

The same is true, when a table structure is changed. The solution is possible due to new "Generic Target" connector for Informatica® Power Center.

 The presented solution, allows to build real time mapping in minutes, where the task does not depend on number of tables to be replicated. At the moment, the solution does not create new tables in target database but it is intended to do so.

I can help you remotely wherever you are. I am ready to make my solution better and solve your issues with change data capture from IBM i (as400, i5/OS, iSeries) . My email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

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Informatica PowerExchange can integrate PowerCenter with i5/OS. PWX listener job which runs on I5/OS (as/400, iseries) takes part in code page conversion. Setting CCSID for the job equal to 65535 causes peculiar errors. It is due to lack of the code page conversion when there is no interaction witch physical files. For instance, following sql sentence written in Source Qualifier SQL Overide


select  'something'  from existingtable


returns to PowerCenter string 'something' but as HEX representation of the string being in EBCDIC code page. It means we receive not 9 chatacters but 18. Therefore, we can have erros informing about field to long while reading data or confusing, unexpected string of characters (for instance HEX string).


The soluting is setting code page other then 65535. Of cource the code page should be compatible with data read from the i5/OS machine.    

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In a well known financial institution was developed workflow with 47 concurrently running sessions. Each session was populating one table by doing table copy between source and target. The purpose of the workflow was to make full target refresh, which is usually required before incremental replication. As full refresh is a very rare operation, the workflow had not been run for months. One day, the workflow was going to be used. As there was no modification to the workflow, no one expected any errors.

Our workflow was ended with following error:


[Informatica][SCLI PWX Driver] PWX-33312 xxxxxxxxx:42915 : Partially completed network transmission timed out after 1322 seconds (bytes completed: 72484 mode: R)

Database driver error...

Function Name : Fetch

SQL Stmt : …..

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AS/400 DATA QUEUE & CDC connector for Informatica PowerCenter has been improved.

  • It can survive TCP connection loss. But what is most exciting, you can sleep well while tables structure is being changed.
  • You can even define and start replication of a table which is to be created in the future. When the table is created replication starts as defined.
  • As/400 can have FIFO or LIFO tables with no unique keys. So most of replication solution are useless. The connector allows you to solve the problem.
  • The CDC can be used to replicate data with RRN as a replication key.
  • AS/400 component of the connector has been optimised.
  • Included sample replication solution based on as/400 journal. The sample replicates data from as/400 to any relational database which is supported by Informatica PowerCenter. It is recommended, to run the solution on PowerCenter 9.0.1 or above as "Time Base Commit" is required. 
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It is common to use the shell command redirection in PowerCenter. The feature allows one to use the ldapmodify command to load data to LDAP. To achieve this it is necessary to create an LDIF flat file. Some data in the file must be in UTF-8 code page and Base64 encoded.

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PowerExchange for Websphere MQ returns RFH2 message in binary format. Convert the RFH2 message in binary format to something readable by mapping transformations.



These tools enable one to develop mapping, which reads requests through the “PowerExchange for Websphere MQ” connector and sends replies, if required to temporary, dynamic queues. Messages are exchanged in RFH2 format, which is compliant with JMS. Source queues and queue managers are defined by PowerExchange for MQ connector. Target queues and queue managers are dynamically calculated in the mapping.   


The most likely reason for the following error in "Domain logs":

Service Process [IS_ascii] output error [ERROR: Unexpected condition at file:[..\utils\pmmetrics.cpp] line:[2111]. Application terminating. Contact Informatica Technical Support for assistance.].

It is worth to notice a paragraph in the MQ Series configuration file located in folder <MQ Series Installation folder>\conv\table\ccsid.tbl

It is said as follows:

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All terms used in the article are explained in “PowerExchange for LDAP User Guide”.

The example shows how to send rows to a LDAP target where the Parent_Group represents the DN which is to be changed.

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This article is written based on Power Center 9.0.0. But it seems to apply to other versions as well. Let's assume that one needs to write a BASE64 encoded string to a flat file.

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